Flaming noodles

Monday, October 31 2005 @ 10:33 am PST

Contributed by: My Tran

I decided to microwave my noodles at work this morning because the hot water dispenser wasn't working. To make a long story short, the top cover ignited instantly... I freaked out but I managed to grab the flaming noodles and put it out before anyone could notice. I guess I didn't realize that the top cover was made of foil and paper. I hope no one will notice the burning smell in the kitchen.

The pre-Halloween weekend: We partied, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Spent most of Sunday recovering and finished it off with a nice steak dinner. Had a blast with everyone... can't wait til next year :-). My "got my ass beaten" costume was pretty much last minute but it turned out really well.

Last week was so and so, just worked and went out a bit. Got everything running perfectly again on the website. The server moved really helped on speed... The site responds a lot faster now. The main gallery page still takes about 7 seconds to load (too many albums) but its a lot faster than before (almost 20 seconds before). There's only one other customer on the server instead of the couple hundred customers like the old, but much cheaper, server.

Happy Halloween!

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