Back on track

Monday, April 10 2006 @ 11:39 am PDT

Contributed by: My Tran

I've finally stopped procrastinating when it comes to posting pictures. Even though I don't take that many pictures these days.

Well, Its been an interesting year so far with many expected and unexpected changes. This year is going way better than last year and I'm very happy. It's been almost one year (Easter weekend) since my incident last year. My life changed a lot but I am happy that I am able to cope with it. That's the only regret I have from last year and besides that, I'd do everything else twice over if I had the chance (almost everything) :-).

I guess its time to grow up... Need to save up more and buy a house/invest/cattle farm or something so I can get more tax shelter. This is going to take some careful thinking and planning.

Besides that, I'm driving with a screw in my tire again. I have to get it fixed today after work and probably start looking for new tires again since these are worn out. This will be my 3rd set on this car.

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