Super commute

Tuesday, April 25 2006 @ 09:25 pm PDT

Contributed by: My Tran

Its 7:30 pm, been up since 5, and I have another 3 hours before I'm home. Well, the day started almost normal. Woke up early and drove towards work but I detoured and took a flight to LA, rented a car and drove some more to work. Currently undoing all of that now but I'm stuck at the terminal waiting for my flight home. Thanks to my ipod, laptop, and verizon, I have something to do while waiting. Nice little adventure but I'm glad I don't have to do it often.

ATV'ng was a blast. Will definitely do it again! Pretty dangerous though. One person had a close call but I am glad no one got seriously hurt. I hope the sun comes out more often over the upcoming weeks so I can get out more...

In other news, I took down and recently and redirected it to my website :-P. Don't work with them anymore and they're gone now. Getting a good amount of entrances from those domains but I don't really know how or which links. Maybe I'll try to figure that out one of these days. Google Analytics looks pretty nice but I haven't used it too much. Might be better than my buggy ass AW Stats program that I'm using. I think its banned by my ISP but I renamed the script (security through obscurity).

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